Tile and Slate Roofs

All roofs have a limited life and sooner or later the cost of continually patching up an old roof will overtake that of complete re-roofing. Moreover many older properties were constructed without proper underlay or insulation and ventilation.

A new roof enables the installation of these energy saving items as well as the use of breathable membranes, ventilating the roof space to meet Building Regulations, modern standards.

Re-Roofing Existing Slate Roofs

When Re-Roofing or Extending an existing roof, We suggest replacing or Matching the existing tiles with “Like for Like” to keep in with look of the surrounding area.

Roofs can be decades old before they need to be re roofed, Compared to concrete Tiled roofs. Many old roofs still have the original slates on with no felt beneath. Over time the fixings can begin to fail and the slates slip. Slipped slates can be re-sited using lead clips but do not always look as aesthetically pleasing as the lead clip is surface showing.

When ever we strip a slate roof we always look to salvage reclaimed slates which are cleaned and ready to match in. New slates are available, but these don’t match in with weathered slates.

Concrete Tiles

With so many roof tiles now available on the market from a wide range concretes and clay tiles, Available from companies such as Marley and Redland. We advise on the best tile for your roof taking into consideration the pitch of your roof and weight per ton, structure can hold. The appearance of the tile and surroundings and if the property is listed approval should be applied for from the conservation officer, we can supply samples of colour and style for approval.

Flat to pitched roof conversion

Converting your existing flat roof to match in your pitch roof, using like-to-like covering (Slates or Tiles) to keep a consistent look to the surrounding properties.

The pitched roof conversion would be built by either us or a compliment joiner and complying to building regulations using C16 timber and calculated to carry the weight over the span of the existing area.

Tile and Slate work

Roof repair and installation

No matter what kind of roof is involved our Rochdale based Roofers have the knowledge and ability to deal with it and we still offer quality customer service that is second to none. Give us a call on 01706 638 908.